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Each day around the globe people are victims of violence. Often these senseless acts can be prevented awareness and some basic SELF-DEFENSE skills.

These FREE Tactical Tips are presented by OPSGEAR® - veterans of conflict around the world!

FREE Tactical Tips Seminars

If you would like to book a FREE Tactical Tip Seminar please contact us at and schedule it today.  You will be responsible for funding travel and expenses unless you are in the local Salt Lake City area.  There is NO CHARGE for the presentation.

Seminar Includes:
  • Demonstrations
  • Mindset
  • Methods
  • Principles
  • Models
  • Attacker Profile
  • Tools
Its all about AVOIDING and GETTING AWAY... This is what we teach you how to do!

You might even get to smack a dummy if you would like :) 

Call 801.936.2322 for questions or to book your seminar today!